Habits dont always require formation from small steps , sometimes giant leaps forward are just what we need. How do we reinforce these steps with positive affirmative emotions that hold them upright.

How do we subdue the demon and tell it exactly how this new story line is going to play out. Do we coax it out of its cave and tell it its story or do we slowly lure it out then trap it before slapping on some lipstick and telling it its mission.

I dont want to kill my demons I want them to work for me , I want them to change their roles completely and focus their intentions on my new habits , because and stay with me here if they can be this stead fast on knowing and coaxing out my armies and killing them for protecting me , then along with my army they can work together to cure me , I am not saying they need to be friends,  but they do need to work together , how does one go about writing a peace treaty for bloodlust enemies sworn to defeat each other till the end without ever drawing a sword for the other side.


I say first start with the truth,  tell them why they are fighting and what started this endless war, ask each side what their objectives are and then remove the salacious masquerading covers that serve no purpose apart from arousing anger and then conclude with all the signatures on the treaty and introduce the new enemy and then proceed to conquer that, reinforce sustainable habits that allow for achievable rest, economic growth,  investment opportunities,  portfolio development and management and a readjustment period that makes sure all queries and mistakes are accounted for.


These are the habits that will allow for the pursuit of happiness to be one of honour and gracious accomplishments and gratitude. At the very least in this body.



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