2022 and Her.

As she enters 2022, there is a pledge in her heart. To be brave and courageous, to rock away as her own role model and inspiration. Heal, grow, glow and evolve each day, while embracing the woman she is and how far has she come to be that beautiful woman despite shards on the journey. Her days holding onto pain are gone, it’s her time to bask from the fruits of sweat, blood and struggle.

As she looks back to her life and chapters, realization dawns on her, what a journey it has been, from wishing and dreaming to be that certain woman, a soul of class, dignity and value. And as she looks at herself in the mirror and at moments, life may not have been easy for her but then that is what transformed her to be a rare gem, harnessed in the depths of pressure and fire pit.

Today, she can breathe easily, touchwood and it is only because of the moments she couldn’t survive but never gave up even though the urge was strong, She can make eye contact with herself in the mirror and tell her soul, I am so grateful and blessed to be this woman of aura, who can stand straight and tall, be a voice in this world and looking forward to milestones when we have victories of peace and adventure together.

The power to pick herself up even on those days when she couldn’t even open her eyes without falling apart. The moments she doubted herself that she questioned her existence. All this and much more is behind her, stepping stones to be a queen and light.

by Dr. Zainab Ansari

I am a business woman, English lecturer, writer and poet, author, podcaster, co author of several anthologies.


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