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There are parts of our story that we find hard to read over again. Sometimes when we start to re-read certain parts or revisit chapters in our life, we may start pulling away from others; sometimes we need some time for ourselves.

Giving yourself some time to process and relive these moments may overwhelm you and space may be needed, but it’s not your responsibility to make the others understand your story or process. The personal journey inwards is sacred, it belongs to you and it’s your choice how to live it and feel it through.

Reading these chapters filled with intense feelings and perhaps unresolved situations may trigger buttons you thought were no longer active in you. But that’s what every journey is all about; it’s about walking the path and not knowing what you will find. If you knew the challenges you were going to find along the way, then you would most likely not bother to take the first step.

A personal journey inwards takes courage and patience.

A personal journey will test you, break you and push you to the edge to see how committed you really are. A personal journey takes more than a daily affirmation to get you going. It takes every insecure and anxious cell you have in your body to get you out of bed and face the challenges that are presented, over and over again.  Perhaps you screwed up today, and that’s okay because the challenge will come back tomorrow and maybe test you a little bit harder. In the end, it’s the internal shift in between that determines your growth and transformation.

Sometimes you are reluctant to revisit parts of your story because you no longer want to feel bitter, angry, sad or guilty, but revisiting the past with the wisdom of today can help you gain new insight, which can be beneficial for you and the ones around you. Perhaps reading over THAT specific chapter in your life will help you understand something differently and help you see the mistakes that were made. Sometimes you need to read over certain chapters or paragraphs and determine whether to turn the page, finish the chapter or simply close the book.

Sometimes we get so used to the same story that it becomes difficult to think that it could be different. We get used to a certain type of person or a certain habit that makes us repeat the same story over and over again.

But there comes a moment where you start to visualize yourself living another life, with another mindset, with other people, in another area, and you begin to believe that it is possible to create a new life.

You (slowly) begin to believe that starting over is possible but with a new mindset.

Perhaps this internal shift will push away certain people, but it will bring you closer to the ones that really deserve to be in your life. The changes we make for ourselves can make others uncomfortable, and this doesn’t mean we’re doing the wrong thing; rather, we are starting to break habits and patterns that were limiting us to see beyond the usual.

Creating a new mindset does NOT mean that people or situations from our past disappear, but rather we begin to face the same situations with a new perspective. These changes don’t happen overnight, but every step we take allows us to clear the path that will help us attract only what is beneficial for our growth and well being.

Our life is a collection of moments that have left a mark. They have taught us important lessons and we are the only ones responsible for finding the meaning in between the lines.

We can always write a different beginning, middle or end.

It can always be different.

We always get to choose.



Author: Daniela Ortiz
Email: [email protected]
Author Bio: Words heal. You write as you go.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @ortzdanihttps://eljardinenmi.wordpress.com





by Daniela Ortiz

Daniela is a student pursuing her studies in mental health counseling with the idea of integrating body and mind practices to comprehend human behavior. Writing has been one of her main therapeutic outlets to channel all the emotional energy that lingers on from experiences that have been both pleasant and difficult to process. One quote that best describes her and her writing would be “Light is easy to love, show me your darkness”.


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