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The Unknown

Sometimes knowing is not the answer

but the unknown is what we all crave for

The mystery keeps us alive


The insatiable nature of a human is very puzzling

yet resides in the every corner of a person

unsatisfied no matter what we do


When you’re born you’re curious about the new worldly things that surround you

From the small particle of dust, to the huge human with a lovely smile on her lips,

From the small speck of light, to the big old eyes talking gibberish to you

Everything seems so exciting!

You want to talk like them,

you want to see every sunlight,

feel everything and explore more,


That only lasts until it is unknown to you.


The particles are no more interesting

The smile is no more lovely

The light is what you feel bored of now

The “gibberish”  is no more exciting


But hey! that doesn’t mean you’ll not find any other muse does it?

You’ll thrive for new things

New smiles, new particles, new languages, new eyes

New everything! until they get old again…


So darling, once in a while stop and look around you,

You had so many unknown things which are now known and are the same,

Your “known” might be the “unknown” for someone else

So stop! and let the mystery be mystery for a while

Set yourself free from the captivation.


Look what you’ve got!

Because every once in a while you’ve got to come home.


Remember that the world wouldn’t be as wonderful if you knew all of its mysteries

You wouldn’t know what to do if you knew and had seen everything

Don’t shame yourself for not knowing, instead brace yourself because there is so much more yet to explore



Name: Dipti
Email: [email protected]



by dipti

Looking for little sparks of happiness in life

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