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My eyes are mirroring

My eyes are mirroring the sight
From years trapped within despair,
With shadows striving to alight
The in-between to a new glare.
They saw the trail taking its course
Reversing pain along the path,
Intensely looking for the force
Of love empowering the heart.


My eyes are mirroring the faith
Along those crooked, blurry days,
Struggling to lower the ache’s wraith
When nights were shattering the ways.
They saw the magic carving dreams,
Beneath the wonder, near the blue,
Reversing misery to beams
Of light gleefully coming through.


My eyes are mirroring the bliss
Of healing troublesome from past,
Illuminating lands of peace
In my new heaven, blessed and vast.

by simonaprilogan

I question, I smile, I wander, I rhyme, I dance in the rain, I puzzle the game, yet I dare myself.


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