Poetry & Art


Books with dog-eared pages that are never unfolded

Illustrations left as outlines with splashes of color

Blogs filled with old posts who never meet new ones

Blouses worn once and forgotten about until spring cleaning

Adventures planned yet never embarked on

Hobbies discovered and lost moments later

Journals with scribbles on the first page

Am I a quitter?

No, I’m searching

Searching for that one thing

That one book, adventure or hobby that pulls me in and holds me close

Whispers, “You’ve found me. Stay.”

What if I never find it?

And my life remains

Unresolved, incomplete


by Natalie Robertson

I’m a curious writer/blogger with an adventurous soul and deep appreciation for the small details that make up our lives. I’m here to share my stories and insight to help you feel heard, connected, and understood.


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