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Twisted Notions Of Love

He called me disgusting  

Never said it to my face… 

He sat in bed glancing at me, 

Muttering his distaste… 

He screamed that he would beat me 

Raised fists as he barreled near 

He stopped just short and broke out into obscenities only I could hear… 


The nights when I would whisper 


I don’t want your love inside… 

Sweet words and caresses would follow 

Convincing me to give in to love 

with no glove… 


He was damaged  

Now, so was I  


The solution it seemed, to constantly get high…  


I understood his pain so deeply, like it was my very own  

But nobody knew about the monsters I was fighting… 

They were mine… 




He tried to love me 

He really did 

The best that he knew how 

But there was so much that I let slip on through and in the name of love, allow. 


I loved him more than love itself and this is my disgrace 

I hid the hurt  

I masked the shame  

Twisted notions of love can only be to blame… 


My monsters though they’ve been slayed in bulk 

One or two have slipped through the seams 

They haunt me using words sometimes  



in my dreams… 



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Author Bio: I am a woman. I write. I love. I rise. I laugh. I heal.


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