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To My Sweets

I see you, my sweets. 


Like muffins, and berries, and cherries.  

Like the cherry blossoms  

That blanket the Georgetown sidewalks.  

People stopping to stare 

Taking pictures of the pink lush 

Walking over the petals  

As if they’re not there.  

But I always step over,  

And pull you up 

Onto my shoulders.  

Because something so beautiful 

Does not belong on the bottom of a shoe. 

I see you, my sweets.  


I hear you, my sweets.  

Your unforgettable laughter  

That spills out into the world. 

Like the cicadas singing spells 

Into the night’s stars.  

I hear your hum;  

And I’ll hum it too.  

If your voice gets tired,  

I’ll give you mine.  


I feel you, my sweets.  

Your soft skin gently on mine 

As you rest your cheek on my chin.  

Your light curls budding  

Into my nostrils.  

I inhale.  


I smell you, my sweets.  

Remnants of my peach perfume 

Mixed in with the mud 

You rolled in all afternoon.  

You are an earthling 

Part me. 

Part moon. 

All you. 


I taste you, my sweets.  

I crave your voice.  

The voice you are growing 

As you explore the world 

And what you want to change in it.  

My sweets,  

Your energy, your smile, your love,  

Brings people to you.  

You are a kaleidoscope of dreams 

And only those with the right vision 

Will see them –  

And let them blossom 

Like the Georgetown trees.  


My sweets,  

At times you may feel sour, 

Maybe a little stale.  


Whether you stay close to home 

Or travel far, 

No matter what,  

I hope you stay  

True to who you are. 

Embrace the newcomers 

Who you meet.  

But remember,  

You will always be my sweets. 



Author: Noelani Mei
Email: [email protected]
Author Bio: Noelani Mei is a writer and entrepreneur who took the plunge and moved from Baltimore to Los Angeles in 2018! She can frequently be founding reading at open mic nights or writing on a park bench. In addition to writing, she also coaches field hockey in the LA region.

For more of her work head to her website: www.noelanimei.com
Link to social media: Instagram @noelani.mei

by Noelani Mei

Originally from Baltimore, Noelani moved to LA after graduating college. As she was working in the film industry, everything she hoped to pursue - film & writing - no longer motivated her as it did in college. She went back to her roots and began working in education. This eventually led her back to the East Coast. Noelani now lives in the DMV and works at a university.

For Harness, Noelani has written "Playground," "To My Sweets," and "Raising Daughters."


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