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the courage of stars

i lost myself in the constellations.

somewhere between the whispers of your name and the sun.

i cling to the stars in hopes to live amongst them

but i fear i’ll choke

on the lack of air in my lungs.

i surround myself in supernovas

in a last-ditch effort to feel something

from the hands of untouched galaxies.

bitten fingertips trace lines into the unknown sky

and i struggle to make sense of my own bones.


you’ll find me in the space between

the scripture i left on tear-stained pages,

as i wait for the sun to meet the moon

in all her fiery glory.

the courage of stars has never felt so pure

as it did when the whispers of you finally flicker to dust

and the constellations that created me

weep as i burst into flames so bright

the stars welcome me home.


Hi, I'm Caitlyn!
I'm from a small rural village in Ohio currently working a demanding job in manufacturing while living at home with my parents. I'm an aspiring poet, dreaming of one day publishing a collection(s) of poetry and prose. I've been writing since I was a kid, later creating a blog as a creative outlet for different forms of my writing. Taking inspiration from my emotions and my life, I write layered poetry that offer bits of nostalgia, or deep cuts that wake up the brain.
{Human embodiment of the peace sign}


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