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The Bride

The Bride.


The spinning wheel came to a halt

The world around her paused

The moment seemed to have frozen in time

And the vows were called.


The innumerable thoughts that kept her

Anxious and fidgetty

The unexplainable questions causing the stir

The cliched butterflies

And the atypical fervour

Brought about their might.


Its absolutely normal, don’t fret

The world advised

She wasn’t afraid, she is not a novice to change

It was a huge step that she was waiting to tread

Yet it felt wonderfully unfamiliar

To be the one, for her own one


Amidst the chaos of the wedding rituals

She found the unflustered belonging

Which now had to be shared

Between her own kinsfolk and his


A sudden gush of longing to hug her mom

To be her father’s little girl

To gossip away with her sister

Overrode their way into her eyes

As they streamed.


She walked into the festivities

Embracing the change that has now occurred

With her hand held

Reassurances communicating in silence

As the faith in her decision strengthened.




Authors: Anusha Akella
Email: [email protected]
Author bio: A 25 year old amateur writer, exploring the therapeutic facet of expression in the form of text.
Link to social media or website: https://www.facebook.com/anusha.akella.710




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