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Poem: “the social media dilemma”

Do you think these people are lonely?

As they scroll through a screen and post

For a million or more likes

Do they see or understand their loneliness?

Or maybe they fully understand what they are doing?

Which is worse – public desperation or clinical narcissism?

And where do you draw the line in separating the two?


-the social media dilemma

by Chelsea Kaye

I live to tell stories; my stories and others. I use a variety of mediums to do it. Writing, poetry, comedy, videos, and photos. I grew up in a loving environment, but experienced my traumas which moved me to find joy in the smallest and simplest of moments as my greatest coping mechanism. As I grew, I learned how to harness my strengths to overcome these challenges by expressing myself and the world I experience through art. I paired my constant search for joy with the human experience and found my voice to be my biggest strength. I write to share my purpose with others and to expose the beauty of our daily lives, however different and wild they may appear to be. I believe that joy and love are the greatest and most often overlooked bonds between people of all kinds, and I'm here to help find more of that. I'm here to expose it to this world.


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