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I always see writings about it being important to find a partner who will make you laugh. Because beauty and passion fade, lust dies, etc. I agree, this is important, but I have had this and it is not enough.

I have been with the men who make my mouth drip with lust, and this is alright too.

The ones who promise to give me the world, or at least all that they can. But I did not want their worlds. I want my world. My world is a good one, and already much too large to explore in one lifetime.

But I know a man who does the most important work of making me think. When I am around him, I become better. If I am not someone I like, I do the hard work to be better. The best I’ve been in this life is the times that we were close, which I do not believe to be coincidence. He doesn’t tell me to do this, he doesn’t will me to change. But to be near him births the intense desire to explore my own world, and to show him what I’ve found, maybe even ask if I may visit his.

This, I think, more than laughter or lust, more than passion and friendship, is the most important thing: a man who makes you think. Because if you have this, you have all the other things too.

by Charlotte King

I like to read and write and better myself and make the lives of my loved ones easier and happier. My career passion is marine and wildlife conservation. I’ve been a zookeeper, teacher, water quality tester, nanny, peace corps volunteer, yoga studio worker, bartender...basically, a bunch of stuff except a writer.


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