Real Stories

Lightning in a bottle

I’ve met fear
And step by step I cross each bridge to conquer it
I’ve battled anxiety
I’ve created happiness
I’ve lived through raw depression
I’ve met every emotion I could have
at twenty-something
Yet change
Change I had to face
And still have to face
I’ve had to come up from behind the brick wall of tense, dark thoughts I’ve created, see the light, look change in the eye and say,
“Okay, I’m ready”
It wasn’t easy
But it gets easier every time
I’ve learned being ‘ready’ means having commitment and confidence
I’ve learned that change is hard to grasp, yet the right tools will help you hold on to change, and see change as a positive part of necessary personal growth
I had to see change, internally
Meaning, for me, I had to close my eyes, imagine myself after the change and see how it could feel
It was hard when I actually hadn’t performed the change, but the result was always me imagining myself happier, stronger and better, all because of it
To me, that was all I needed
I was once told the phrase, “lightning in a bottle.”
Unsure of its meaning, at first, I later came to realize all of the change I’ve ever encountered and will encounter is proof that I can and will change whenever I need to, and for the better. Change is okay. It’s sometimes even the light that can guide me through any challenge I may face.
Change is possible and I’m here for it.
Change to me is the lightning
I captured it
Bottled it up
And went against my own odds and succeeded
It is now placed as a souvenir on my nightstand
lighting up life’s endless possibilities
Every door I’ve ever opened is due to change
Changes I’ve made, had to make, or the change around me, changed me, only for the better
I now hold the power of change and embrace change and everything that comes with it
I wouldn’t be writing all of this if I hadn’t changed
Change has made possibilities come to life
Change is sometimes the obvious
Or natural move
But if you’re not willing to do it,
then your progression may lessen
And I honestly believe we begin to accept change once we’ve gone through it
Change is sometimes the fear that puts us at a frozen state of wonder
Yet it can also be the light in a dark room staring at you, accepting you with open arms
It’s not always the darkness that surrounds it
It’s sometimes the key to a better existence
Some may find change the problem; I find change the answer
It’s there for when you’re ready and frankly
there when you’re absolutely not
It’s a riddle
A risk
A ritual
A reminder that everything will be okay

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