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Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

Door number one or

Door number two?

Either present options to her.


Door number one

Comes with an incessant knock

That shows up right on cue.


Door number two

Has a fainter tap

Barely audible like a finger snap.


Door number one keeps knocking

Resembling an annoying, yet needy

Neighbor with important news.


Door number two

Peaks her c u r i o s i t y

Within the silent breaks of the taps.

She stands up to notice

Sunlight coming through the cracks.

Peace, warmth and happiness rise up

Delicately floating through the air

Like tiny glowing feathers

making their way to a cap.


Door number one

Becomes louder and is all too familiar.

In response, she feels overwhelmed

And overcome…with fear.

She yells for whoever or whatever

It is to leave.

She yells louder with

Hopes that it retreats.

The shadows emerge underneath

Giving a haunting glow

And an energy that seethes.


She reaches out

Feeling the knob in her grip,

It vibrates with

A powerful sensation.


Door number one

Or door number two?

Two doors side by side

Yet very different

Should she let it in or

Should she walk through?


She chooses, no longer in hesitation

The door opens and

She’s met with hope

As she sees a new point of view.

She’s glad that she went

With door number two

Because intuitively

She knew what to do.


Despite the noise

and the chatter,

She chose the door

That matters

Her future.


by Lindsay Andrews

Lindsay Andrews is a codependency recovery writer and educator with a grounded approach toward healing through journaling. Through this process, she has awakened herself and reconnected to her intuition which has led to self worthiness and confidence. She actively supports and educates women who seek to improve their relationships by first improving the relationship with themselves.

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