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It’s A Beautiful Day

No cloud in sight, a cool breeze in the air

It’s a beautiful day

There is a sweet calm in the whispering breeze, beyond the hum of car engines and shouts of their drivers

It’s a beautiful day

The smell of brewing coffee hits the nose of sleepy heads, waking them in groggy awareness

It’s a beautiful day

The taste of a warm breakfast, beside the window, gazing out to the clear world

It’s a beautiful day

Dogs barking in the distance, and beside the backyard’s fence, proving there is life beyond these four walls

It’s a beautiful day

A wet tongue greets your bare leg, and you gaze down with a gentle smile at the hungry pooch

It’s a beautiful day

You laugh in delight after he joins the chorus of the trio’s barks outback

It’s a beautiful day

The busy morning routine begins, with the sound of showers and hair dryers, the sounds of modern living

It’s a beautiful day

Showers and hairdryers noise ceases, soon everyone is ready to conquer the battles of the day

It’s a beautiful day

The woman steps outside and takes in the scents of early spring and birds chirping, an interesting mingling of Nature with City noise.

It’s a beautiful day

The trio of children are now situated in the backseat, speaking to each other of their day, while twiddling their thumbs along Iphones and tablets, eyes glistening with youth

It’s a beautiful day

The motions of the day go with the wheel of chance, and the woman returns home

The children’s school wear is scattered upon the ground, backpacks thrown here and there,

And she thinks, still, to herself

It’s a beautiful day

Life is buzzing with the birds and the bees and the city’s noise

And I think to myself, this daily mantra echoing in my mind

It’s a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day




Author: val.180
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by Valerie Turpin

~When a quiet individual speaks, their voice is loud ~

The voice of the spirit is as loud as the whisper in the wind, breath upon the skin, and as delicate as a feather in the wind. The quiet voice speaks the truth within you. Let it speak through you, and let it be what it will be. There is no rhythm, rhyme, or reason. the voice of the spirit is felt rather than heard, and when it is heard it is through your own words or way of expression.
Speak those quiet words, in any form you wish; through art, verbally, in any way. Let it be and you will see what you are capable of.


My articles contain information I have received on my spiritual path, which I call, my path of life, sprinkled in with creative expressions.

Random teed-bits of information about ME: I am from Southwestern Arizona; I was born in 1990 and I am the second to the youngest of 5 children; I have a Bachelor degree in Social Work and I am currently pursing a Master’s in Social Work.

My interests: Poetry; creating art in multiple forms; history of civilization, diversity of cultures, history of art in multiple forms through the ages, world religions, and world power; Psychology and Sociology; Mysticism; Law & Order; writing (academically and creatively).

Enjoy! and Happy reading. <3

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