Real Stories


To the universe who places the perfect kindred spirits in my path—

Thank you for your protection, the wonderful souls, and all my privileges.

To those whom project morsels of me in vivid light and help me find myself time and time again.

Vibrant humans that save and salvage obliviously.

To my mother who can only lust. 

Thank you for imposing your demons on me.

Now I am a warrior; and though you may never love…the world can and so can I.

To my son, little brother I love you like if my womb were your home.

I stayed in trenches to keep you safe.

I promise to come back for you, to battle; once lethal wounds get licked away.

To my lover, who deems my trauma a badge of honor.

Transmuting every bat cave wound into sunrise.

Divine healer in this and all lives.

You transcend mortal love and know not what you’re of.

To my sisters, the family I didn’t know I needed that I could no longer live without.

You’re breathing embodiments of all creeds.

My five points of a star, legacies.

Teaching me unconditional love and sympathy.


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