Poetry & Art

If Only

If only it’d be a mountain of love
To rest on its crests, beneath the blue skies.
To wake up to life, to see the free dove
Winged with such grace, defying the highs.


If only it’d be a valley of lust,
To lay on its grass, comforting the mind,
No matter how hard the nights’ monster’s crust
Would try to disguise the snuggles behind.


If only it’d be a chance to write down
Emotions I pen at the core of my dreams,
The joy, the surprise, nurturing around
A mystical tale and happiness’ beams.


If only it’d be sunsets to hold hands
Beneath the heavens of calmness and peace,
I could be alive to draw thousands plans
On love’s deepest wish and richest promise.

by simonaprilogan

I question, I smile, I wander, I rhyme, I dance in the rain, I puzzle the game, yet I dare myself.


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