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i lost so many moons

you took many moons from me,

and i lived in fear and shame;

locked myself up tight because

i didn’t know who i could trust—

we were both children,

but you opened my eyes to how

unsafe the world truly was;

stripped me of a bit of my innocence

when you tried to take what you

thought you were owed—

i’ve never understood why a woman’s

no means less than the yes

of a man,

why our voices get washed away

like sand on the shore;

i’ll never understand why women are the

one’s that bear all the responsibility of

protecting themselves—

instead of telling girls what to wear,

maybe teach boys the concept of consent

and to respect women;

for those of you that must know

i was wearing a t-shirt and matching pants

that went down to my ankles, socks, and a pair of sneakers—

what girls and women wear isn’t the issue,

the issue is that people think they deserve the right to

control others.


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