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graveyard shift

winged eyeliner was the catalyst

of taking turns in the trunk of the car,

fast passes on the freeway

as we set our course for north.

soon the witching hour was upon us

and we challenged the bumps in the night,

peering through the corn where the children come from

with our flashing lights and open windows.

spontaneity and superstition were our companions

guided by emerald signs on empty streets.

we go back and forth between cities,

a caffeine pit stop at 7/11

black smudged on my eyelids.

a struggle to find my keys

in the bottomless bag strapped across my butterfly chest,

bidding adieu to the souls resting together.

my legs are numb but the trees are bent

so i save the pain for later

when the shadows under my eyes

are shades closer to the shadows under street lamps.

this shift we’re in keeps me awake

like the music rattling my eardrums

and the fabric beneath my feet.

eyes catching headlights passing by

as the sun rises in the east.

i go home with no money in my wallet

and the ghosts that follow.


Hi, I'm Caitlyn!
I'm from a small rural village in Ohio currently working a demanding job in manufacturing while living at home with my parents. I'm an aspiring poet, dreaming of one day publishing a collection(s) of poetry and prose. I've been writing since I was a kid, later creating a blog as a creative outlet for different forms of my writing. Taking inspiration from my emotions and my life, I write layered poetry that offer bits of nostalgia, or deep cuts that wake up the brain.
{Human embodiment of the peace sign}


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