Poetry & Art

December 7, 2021; Diary Entry 25

What is it like to miss something you never had?

To touch those fabrics

And never buy them for yourself

What is it like to look at lines

That never combine

They stay apart

Sit on cold tiled floors

And think this is life

To watch your friends, plan parties,

Only to sit there and feel like there is not enough gifts to replace all these holes

What is it like to hear people say your time will come and never comes?

Or you will find the right one

Or you will hold onto relationships

To have a hold onto

But there are minimal holds

What is it like to hear people say, one day this will be you?

And it is never you

Tired of feeling so blue

All you feel is empty

Are you not meant to be a mother?

Is that a thing

It feels worse everyday

When you feel incapable of looking down

And not seeing the eyes of someone who does not know that it is because of them

You live

by Kristina Hopper

A complicated soul, who happens to write poetry

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