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Dancing Free

I am a dancer in this dance called Life.
I dance to the music they play for me,
In the movements choreographed for me.

Dance is freedom, they say.
But how come I don’t feel it as such?
I can’t express freely on my own.
My hands and feet tied like a marionette.

One day I found a way to sever the strings that were holding me,
And learned how to walk and release what’s built up within,
Left my bonds behind
And dance myself into freedom.

I dance to the tune of my own music now
While humming the rhythm of life.
I dance and sing to my own music.
Dancing with my Spirit, the perfect dance partner I’ll ever find.

Sure, I have been through hell,
But I also learned to dance with the angels in heaven.
I have escaped my cage and released my bonds.
My wings are stretched out.

It’s either I dance…or I fly.

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by Penchie Limbo

I'm Penchie from the Philippines, and I'm passionate about writing. Anything that sparks joy, hope, and inspiration goes into my writing. I enjoy quiet moments, a cup of coffee alone or with friends or loved ones. Eating out or at home is my family's choice of bonding moment.

I try do small things with great love so that everything I do gives honor and glory to God.


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