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Changing With The Seasons–Summertime

Summer is the height of all the seasons, the end and beginning of the cycle of life. Symbolically, it is the ultimate goal, the point of enlightenment, the highest level of consciousness where the light shines the brightest, longest, and everlasting.

Summer is a celebration of the sun and a season of prosperity. The showers of Spring washed away the ice of winter, and gave nourishment to the dry, bare soil, so that it can once again prosper bountifully with life. The flowers are now in full bloom, trees lush and green, grass soft to the touch under bare feet, and animals are roaming about that once were in hibernation. Herbs, vegetation, and wild grain return to the land, providing nourishment for all. All seems so well, fun-loving and exciting in the heat of summer.

Spiritually speaking, summer is the beginning of an endless cycle, a continuous battle between the oppositions: life and death, light and dark. Summer we are at our highest point, the point of enlightenment with the sun’s seemingly endless light, and short period of darkness. In the heat of Summer, we are one with the Source of creation. As the year evolves, the seasons mark the decent of the sun as it moves, or so it seems, further away from the Earth in Autumn and Winter, before moving closer once again in Spring and Summer.

We feel a sense of death in Autumn, as the leaves change their color and fall to the ground; the ground loses its downy like texture of deep green grass. A change is happening, both on Earth and within ourselves; we are Changing with the Seasons. A death, something new, is forming, but this means contemplation, and as contemplation deepens, the light seems to dim. So, the Winter Cold does come, leaving everything frozen as if in time, and bare, exposed – every vulnerability exposed – a darkness appears to have fallen on the land. This darkness is welcoming; we feel we must hide our nudity in the depths of winter. Hibernation is now taking place. Planning for the future in a Holy Solitude, waiting for the Birth of Spring in order to pursue our goals and cover our vulnerabilities once again.

And so the Spring comes, and with it the storms of rebirth, nature’s sacred battle for life. Showers come and turn to floods, a breeze turns to turbulent winds, life fights to be born only to die again due to the harsh reality of rejuvenating the Earth. But we do survive. The saplings do stay, and bend with the wind, the grass is reborn, peaking out of the cracks of the earth. The battle of nature is won, life precedes; the earth is reborn once again. Life prevails, within the spiral of life, and the sun returns to the land.

And so the Summer makes us whole once again, we feel a completeness maybe, and a time to relax and celebrate. We go on trips, become close to the earth’s elements in all their awesome wonder, and get to know the creatures of the sea.

Embrace the knowledge of inner power in Summer’s sun. Shine from the light within; never lose your fiery light.

Have fun, celebrate, enjoy a drink or two. Stay blessed!

~Dance in the summer’s golden light; shine from the light within~



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by Valerie Turpin

~When a quiet individual speaks, their voice is loud ~

The voice of the spirit is as loud as the whisper in the wind, breath upon the skin, and as delicate as a feather in the wind. The quiet voice speaks the truth within you. Let it speak through you, and let it be what it will be. There is no rhythm, rhyme, or reason. the voice of the spirit is felt rather than heard, and when it is heard it is through your own words or way of expression.
Speak those quiet words, in any form you wish; through art, verbally, in any way. Let it be and you will see what you are capable of.


My articles contain information I have received on my spiritual path, which I call, my path of life, sprinkled in with creative expressions.

Random teed-bits of information about ME: I am from Southwestern Arizona; I was born in 1990 and I am the second to the youngest of 5 children; I have a Bachelor degree in Social Work and I am currently pursing a Master’s in Social Work.

My interests: Poetry; creating art in multiple forms; history of civilization, diversity of cultures, history of art in multiple forms through the ages, world religions, and world power; Psychology and Sociology; Mysticism; Law & Order; writing (academically and creatively).

Enjoy! and Happy reading. <3

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