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Chances are, You Need to Cleanse Your Gut By Julie Cielo

A friend of mine once approached me asking if I knew of a doctor who can help her get better? She’s been suffering from fatigue and generally thinks that the reason for it is the number of projects she’s been handling lately. I asked her, “Have you never handled this many projects before?” She says she has and that’s the thing that puzzles her. She’s never felt this stressed and drained before despite the fact that she’s had to work harder in the past. I continued to ask her questions about her work and her diet and what exactly she’s been feeling.

At the end of our conversation, I told her, “I know quite a number of good doctors I can connect you with, but before you give them a call, why not try cleansing your gut first? Let me help you out. It’s going to be easy and you have nothing to lose.

A week later, I sent her a message asking how she’s been doing and she says that she actually feels so much better. She feels calmer, more energized, and she’s able to think faster and focus better. In addition, her skin looks better, she’s not craving as much sweets as she used to, and her constant headache is gone. 

This is what cleansing our gut does for our body. It helps it heal and function more optimally.

For those of you who may not know, our gut health heavily influences how our immune system functions. It also affects our mental health, among many other things. So if you’re someone who always feels irritated or fatigued, if you suffer from constant headaches and other body pains, or if you have a lot of skin issues like acne, chances are your gut needs a little bit of help. 

Let’s be clear about one thing first–cleansing your gut does not guarantee that whatever pain, stress, fatigue, or physical or mental issues you’re having right now will go away. There may be other factors causing these things, and if you’re someone who has been dealing with them for a very long time, chances are you will need to see a doctor. What I am saying is that, given the type of food that a typical American consumes on a daily basis, there is a very big chance that if you’re experiencing any of these and you don’t really know the reason why, it may be related to your gut health.

Do I need to cleanse my gut to keep it healthy?

Normally, you don’t. We have both good and bad bacteria inside of our digestive systems, and some of those bacteria are designed to help us maintain a healthy gut. However, due to various factors like diet and lifestyle, your body might need some help with flushing out some leftover bacteria from time to time. A healthy gut can process and eliminate harmful bacteria in your digestive tract on a relatively frequent basis.

What exactly is a gut cleanse and how does it work?

It’s important to note that even the healthiest people can have toxins accumulated in their bodies. These toxins affect the way our bodies function in many different ways. And normally, these changes happen gradually, which prevents us from suspecting that we need any help. A gut cleanse, in essence, is a process by which we flush out these toxins to the gut and introduce more good bacteria to promote healing and improve its overall health. There are many ways to do this, but one that’s proven to be really effective is by changing your diet to eat more whole foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and through the regular consumption of probiotic-rich foods and drinks–like kombucha–over a certain period of time.

Can you tell me more about gut health?

I actually have a comprehensive blog post about the importance of gut health and why you should cleanse in Ferm Fatale’s website. I suggest you check that out to learn more.

by Heather DeSantis

Heather DeSantis is a Top Millennial publicist and CEO of Publicity for Good, a purpose driven public relations firm. Heather combines market foresight, strategic timing, and organic interviews to generate millions of earned media impressions from outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, BBC, iHeartMedia, Business Insider, Inc, and more. She is also the founder of Press Demand, a PR SaaS company that makes PR accessible for all.


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