Poetry & Art

brain matter

3 am feels like home.

a coin toss between a silver lining

or an all-time low.

the author of my loudest fears

and my brightest colors.

a safety net in the dark

that you’ll find me in.


the best and worst of me 

meet in the middle

like a duel set at dawn.

my fears come to life inside my brain 

and they ask “are the colors in the sky no longer your favorite?”

before i hit the rocks at the bottom.


there is comfort in the stillness.

a gasp of air echoes under starlight

and i am a homebody shrouded in its warmth.

the darkest lows linger in the quiet.

i am unsure if i am real or a dream,

but the ticking holds me in its clutches 

and i know that i am alive, just.


3 am is neither friend nor foe,

yet i yearn for it all the same.



Hi, I'm Caitlyn!
I'm from a small rural village in Ohio currently working a demanding job in manufacturing while living at home with my parents. I'm an aspiring poet, dreaming of one day publishing a collection(s) of poetry and prose. I've been writing since I was a kid, later creating a blog as a creative outlet for different forms of my writing. Taking inspiration from my emotions and my life, I write layered poetry that offer bits of nostalgia, or deep cuts that wake up the brain.
{Human embodiment of the peace sign}


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