Poetry & Art

Becoming, Together

building a life with another person
looks more like breaking:

breaking out of old casts
of who we always were,

breaking the expectations
of what we prefer

breaking free from
comfort zones,
calloused hearts,
and cautious conversations.

breaking out of the old,
to make room for the new.

becoming a better me
to grow closer to you.

by Paige Muller

Hello there. My name is Paige. I am a photographer, storyteller, and poet. I discovered my love for writing as I grew as a photographer, but looking back, I believe it was always there—I just never knew it was a possibility. In my work, authenticity and growth serve as muses. In a world that is more concerned with outward appearance, I find it more important than ever to prioritize internal health and healing. I am truly blessed to be able to express myself.


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