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How I Struggled with Body image

When it comes to struggling with body image I’ve struggled with it since I was twelve and for twelve years even at 23 I still struggle with it just a little. When I was younger growing up I always saw how beautiful women who weren’t chubby or fat got all these things to love and a lot of luxurious things that life has to offer. I loved food since I was younger foods such as cake, pizza, burgers, and a whole lot of junk food. When I was younger I did a lot of things to look ”beautiful” and that meant not going for more than a slice of pizza. It also meant going to the gym for about 5 days a week and working out doing hardcore workouts to maintain my perfect figure. It wasn’t until I came across the yoga community around the age of sixteen that I realized I could go for that slice of pizza or cake if I did my yoga exercises. When I was around 20 years old I went through a life-changing event and starting to hanging out more with the yoga community. They would offer me all these sweets Oreos, coffee pastries just for doing a good job at my workout. I was taught if you did yoga you could eat any foods you wanted but at the same time eating healthy. I remember my daily meal before yoga a cup of yogurt and a smoothie sometimes coffee before or after class. As I started doing yoga more I learned that no matter what size you are you could enjoy all the luxury things that skinny or slim people get to enjoy. That it’s on the inside that counts not just the outside. There are still times I struggle with body issues but every now and then I have to remind myself I’m beautiful just the way you are. No matter what shape you are you are beautiful. You could even find love no matter what shape you are beautiful in any shape or size.

by stephanie peguero

I am a young college student lifestyle blogger and aspring rising star born and living in the heart of ny.
I've been a blogger since I was 16 and launched a tiny little blog on blogger known as stephanie as a high school writer. When I entered college in 2016 I turned blogging a hobby and passion into a career. I love to write and read. I also love to travel and love interacting with people everyday is an new adventure. My favorite things to do aside from writing and interacting with people is to act and bake. I Have a strong passion for theatre art and baking really good sweets. My favorite sweets are vanilla golden cupcakes and my favorite food is pizza. I'm also a huge romantic and believe love is the greatest thing to exist in our universe.


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