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All Women Turning 60 Should Celebrate In Style: Here’s How And Why

Hitting the big six-oh doesn’t mean your life is suddenly confined to sensible walking shoes, tweed skirts and brown cardigans. No siree. You may be wondering where the last decade has disappeared to with memories of your fiftieth celebrations as clear as if they were yesterday. But before you get all maudlin about life being over, give yourself a sharp shrift talking to. There’s plenty more joy and fun to come, and you’ll never get a more perfect birthday to throw down the gauntlet and celebrate in style.

Here are five fabulous ways to celebrate your 60th birthday and five very good reasons why you simply must.


How to celebrate your 60th in style:

  1. Throw the mother of all parties.

Once upon a time 60 years ago a beautiful baby was born (that’s you). Growing up you dreamed of being a princess. You’ve spent your adult life living with dignity and class. Now you’ve reached the queen of all birthdays, and there’s never been a more apt time to celebrate your unique awesomeness. That’s why your 60th birthday party should be no ordinary celebration. This is your chance to throw a party fit for a queen (that’s you).

Immerse your guests in an experience they (and you) will never forget. Curate an extraordinary event fit for a queen. Go for a sophisticated and elegant theme and venue, or somewhere vibrant and exotic, depending on what suits the uniqueness of you. The most important thing of all is all-out luxury. This is the mother of all parties after all.

  1. Travel alone to a far-flung destination

If you’ve never travelled alone before, there’s never been a better time to break the mould and travel solo than when you reach 60. Exploring the world without anyone judging you could be just the exhilarating experience you are looking for. For a soul-awakening expedition, head for some far-flung destinations around the globe. Or walk the pilgrimage you’ve always dreamed about.

  1. Ditch the family saloon for a car upgrade

Men buy sports cars when they have a mid-life crisis, and when they start to lose their hair. Women generally don’t. We’re not saying your 60th is the time for any sort of crisis. On the contrary. It’s merely time to get rid of the family SUV and treat yourself to a new model. We’re not suggesting a sports car (unless that is your preference). But, you definitely deserve a car that’s a bit more refined. Now the kids have flown the nest, it’s high time you kissed goodbye to the stained and crisp-and-biscuit encrusted car interior you’ve been left with.

  1. Get married (or divorced)

Marriage rates in the over-65s rose by 41 percent among men and 56 percent among women from 2009 to 2014. The fact is, late-life marriage no longer raises eyebrows. Many women feel liberated in later-life marriages. Knowing more about yourself and what you want from a relationship brings with it the opportunity for you to find the perfect match.

If you feel trapped in a loveless marriage, it’s never too late to throw in the towel. Life at 60 has plenty to offer.

  1. Get a tattoo

If the idea of conservative clothing and sensible shoes horrifies you, then getting a tattoo could be just the thing to boost your sense of individualism and self-expression when you hit your 60th birthday. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious. A simple, discreet butterfly may be enough to give you more welly in your wings. We won’t tell. It’ll be our little secret.


Why turning 60 should be celebrated:

  1. Liberation from managing teenagers

Now your kids have flown the nest and are at university or making their own way as young professionals, it’s high time you got back to focusing on you. It really is time to let go. Only help your adult-children when you are asked and spend much more time carving out a life doing the things you love. Now that definitely is a light-bulb moment worth celebrating.

  1. Cut down your working days, retirement is in sight

Slogging through life bringing up a family and then returning to full-time work leaves little time for you to please yourself. You may have embraced parenthood and enjoyed your climb back up the greasy career pole. However, your 60th birthday is the perfect time for reflection. Review how you spend your time. Forget about the disappointing pension, it’s time to cut down the agonizingly long hours and start enjoying life before it’s too late.

  1. Your 60s can be as action-packed as previous decades

Back in your twenties you thought 60 was old. We all did. But, health permitting, there’s no reason why you can’t be as spritely, fit and vivacious as you have been through your forties and fifties. And now you have a more carefree attitude and wisdom to go with it. Getting older really does have benefits. Take up a new hobby, do the skydive, learn a language, and live out those dreams. This is definitely the decade to work through your bucket list.

  1. You are too long in the tooth to get anxious over trivial stuff

This is perhaps the coolest thing about getting older. Not giving two hoots about trivial nonsense is the most liberating thing about reaching this enlightening age of maturity. By the time you reach 60, you’ll have a newfound sense of confidence. You’re way too long in the tooth now to fret over nothing. Enjoy.

  1. You’ve made it through to the other side of menopause and you’re thriving

Remember the menopause? Well you made it through. If that’s not a reason to celebrate I don’t know what else is! The menopause is a significant period of transformation in any woman’s life, and for many it’s a time of endurance with bothersome symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and brain fog. Many women though describe feeling liberated when they reach the other side. On post menopause, British actress Julie Walters says “I’ve got so much more energy now than I ever had in my early 50s before the menopause.”

Rejoice, your 60th is here and you should be celebrating.







Author: Annie Button
Email: [email protected]
Author Bio: Annie Button is a Portsmouth based writer and recent English Literature graduate. Annie has written for various online and print publications and specializes in writing lifestyle pieces.
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