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A Woman’s Life Starts At 30

A woman’s life starts at 30

Life is a constant change and for a woman, the change, paradoxically, becomes the routine. We develop and evolve with every year that passes but sometimes, these changes are not as obvious so we choose to ignore them if they don’t make us proud or simply take them for granted if they do.

Among those changes, one of the most interesting ones is when a girl becomes a woman. Sounds radical but it is not as drastic as it seems. It might feel like we go to bed one night feeling all “girly” and wake up the next morning with responsibilities for ourselves, our homes, our lives. However, this is a change that happens among many years and through a lot of experiences, even if we might not be aware of the entire process. I say “we”, because I am not the only woman who turns 30 this year and if you, the one reading this article, are in your late 20s, I am sure you understand it very well.  So, let’s go through the things that might change your perspective on yourself and life around you, as soon as you start hitting your 30s. And trust me, it is not as bad as it sounds.

Your body will change

Yes. You might feel as beautiful as you were just a few years back and also just as young, and maybe you are like that. We don’t get ugly all of a sudden, when we turn 30 but, changes happen inside our body and they have effects on our appearance and how other perceive us. For start, our metabolism starts to slow down. It will take more efforts to lose weight and, also maintain that model silhouette that we all want to have. Some gray hair might find its way through our beautiful hairstyle and we might feel the need to cover it with our favorite shade of color just so we can keep the young image as long as possible. And last but not least, wrinkles! If “diamonds are a girl’s best friends” than wrinkles are her worst enemies! So get ready to say hello to that range of beauty creams that you used to think you were too young to use just a couple of years ago. Luckily now, we have all we need to take care of these issues, so all it takes is a bit of attention and care for ourselves. You will also develop a certain amount of annoying pain during your daily life, either a lower back pain or headaches or any other sort of  minor pain that will remind you of your new box age. Constantly! But, all these changes will make you a lot more health conscious than you used to be. Meaning you will choose water over soda and healthy food over junk food. All good in the end, right?

Your social life might not be so social anymore

This is a consequence of maturity that we all have to face eventually. Remember the late nights out and the parties with your friends? Well, forget them, and not because you have to but because they might not feel so appealing to you from now on. It will be just harder for you to pull an all-nighter and still get up in the morning and function normal, or simply function. You will start developing other interests which will generate other plans and different ways to spend your time. Suddenly, wasting money and sleep, in order to enjoy a late night in your favorite club will not seem to be such a wise choice and you will prefer to enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite tea and a good book before bed time. That doesn’t mean that you are not free to have some fun, it only means that your standards of fun might change and, also will your priorities. But, make sure you do go wild and own the night every now and then, it brings benefits on the long run to do so even if you don’t jump for it every free evening you have. And since we talk about social life, your friends will not be up for the same kind of fun either because you are not the only one who turns 30 and goes through this kind of process. Also, you will enjoy spending more time with yourself, in order to keep your sanity. And once you turn 30, your sanity becomes a valuable asset.

Society says …

Yes, society will play a role in your life, one that maybe you tried to avoid in your early years. Sometimes the things you hear about what you should and shouldn’t do will be good and constructive. But sometimes, it will not vibrate with your inner self. You might see your friends getting married and having children and while those are positive, fulfilling events that enrich one’s life, you might not be ready for all of that just yet. You will probably feel like you don’t fit in and you don’t have anything valuable to share with those who, until a few years back, were your closest friends. Don’t worry, not all of us are ready for same social standards at the same age. Of course, eventually you will have all that too if you don’t already have it, you will have your family and your own children and maybe also the home of your dreams, and no matter what others tell you, there is no deadline on all this except your inner soul and when it is ready to commit to all that. And if you choose a lonely life, it is also your own choice as long as it makes you happy. Among the good things that society will push you to do will be the decision to take your life in your own hands, if you haven’t done this by now. Once you reach 30 years old, it will become sort of shameful to rely on your parents for your daily expenses, to not have a job and to not be able to take care of your needs, food, clothes, shelter…therefore if you feel pushed by society standards to do all that, you might want to consider it because you are a grown up and no one is responsible for you anymore. Take the good and ignore the bad, there’s always two sides of this coin.

Benefits of being in your 30s

After all the changes, expectations and inner struggles, smaller or bigger depending on your capacity to analyze your evolution as a person, what will remain will be a bunch of benefits. Sure, you might not fit into a group of 22 year old girls looking for new boys to flirt with but you will have the life experience and rational capacity to choose a man that suits you and helps you grow. You will be independent and more confident in yourself because you will be fully aware of your worth and how much you paid for it. You will know exactly what you want in life and go to get it with the best tools that you shaped during your years of youth and experiences. And there are a bunch of smaller benefits like, putting more thought into shopping and the way you spend your money which will become an investment and not just a hobby. You will be more spiritual open and more selective when it comes to what works for you and what doesn’t. Someone told me, that a woman’s life starts at 30 and as I get closer to it I realize it might actually be true.

Author: Irina Maria Tracy
Email: [email protected]
Author Bio: Irina Maria Tracy is a writer, journalist and nonconformist blogger. Author of bleeding books and sick romance stories that somehow end in a pure, romantic way…or not, depends on how much blood is involved. She was born and raised in Dracula’s country and maybe that explains a thing or two. Sometimes even more. Specialized in suspense and crazy creatures jumping from one page to another, she is a new adult writer who opens the door to the unknown and gives life to characters that were never allowed to have one. Some of Irina‘s abilities are thinking out loud, drinking a significant amount of coffee and talking to strangers.
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