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With an Attitude of Gratitude and the Power of Positivity

Sure it’s easy to say things like, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay, don’t stress it, just go with the flow, if it doesn’t apply let it fly!” but no one actually means it… or do they?
Staying positive during hard times isn’t easy and when anyone tells us these things amid mental chaos we smile and say thanks while thinking PLEASE GO F*CK YOURSELF. What if I told you Beth from accounting was right? That her empathetic statements while may not have been entirely genuine are entirely true. You can actually rewire your brain to help you become a happier person. Let’s keep it real for a second, just because you’re a happier person does not mean all your life problems melt away and you wake up to woodland animals getting you ready for your day, it means you understand things are not always going to go in your favor but with an attitude of gratitude situations seem to work themselves out a little bit easier. Because you have less clutter in your mind and you’re able to see the situation clearly from different probable outcomes. Once you can identify and understand a problem it’s no longer a problem! – go ahead, read that again- When you understand an issue in its entirety you realize that you may not have a direct impact on this situation, therefore, LET IT GO.
If your mind works like mine wherein about a minute it can create a thousand scenarios that probably will never happen, letting go of something that’s been stuck on your mind for so long or so intensely is HARD. One thing that helps is to remember you control your mind in the way it functions, in how we manage stresses and even when it comes to retaining information. YOU are the master of your mind, take the trash out! 
When we think of the brain we understand it to be the body’s main hub if you will, where information comes in, gets processed and is then turned into a body function i.e talking, walking, even reading this if your brain didn’t tell your body to do it, it wouldn’t happen. But ultimately YOU control your brain. According to “The Tetris Effect” by Shawn Anchor, naturally, we are programmed to scan our environment for things we dislike or that “don’t fit”, but when we practice looking for and becoming more aware of the positive aspects of life we naturally bring ourselves into a better healthier mental balance.  So when you feel like your mind is just… tired and you’re feeling kind of dark there are a few things you can do:
  1. For every complaint you have, think of three things you are grateful for and speak them aloud or write them down. This is one of the easiest ways to balance your thoughts and put a smile on your face.
  2. Start your day with 25 minutes of QUIET TIME. That means no phone, no television, no email, just you and your thoughts. Take this time to notice where your mind wanders off to and quietly and calmly BREATH your mind silent. At first, your thoughts might race and that’s okay too just remember to breathe. Starting your day without any outside influence leaves your thoughts and emotions in a neutral state leaving you able to begin your day on a positive note.
  3. Remember that it can always be worst. This one isn’t exactly like the other two, but remember that you aren’t the only person in your situation or going through a rough time. You’re reading this right now so that means you’ve got someone who knows you’ll see brighter days.    
These little tactics might not sound like much but with consistency and awareness rewiring your brain to do things like manage your stress with ease, ground your mind amidst mental chaos and ultimately become a happier person is a possibility. Think about it like this, it takes 21 days for the body to learn a new habit so doing these activities every day for one month is literally scientifically proven to give you some new insight on life.
Nothing ever stays the same everything is always in constant motion and that doesn’t stop on our personal regard. Our hardest times prepare us to enjoy and to be grateful for our good times. If you only take one thing from this article I hope that is awareness, be aware of your emotions and feelings, be present and be aware of how you treat others because you never know what hides behind a smile.
by Meagan Acevedo

Adventurer. Health Enthusiast. Dog mom. Flower Child. Storyteller. A baby boomer trapped in a millennials body. As someone who has always struggled to "fit in" writing has always been a way for me to be whoever in a world I created. My works can invoke the most vivid scenes from the dampest of minds.


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