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Wildflower Mantras

~I’m a flower growing free and wild. My roots are nestled deeply in the ground.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. Nature is my course for growth.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. I am purely unharmed by external perspectives.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. The colors of my petals are subtly intricate and dynamic.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. The daintiness of my nature is protecting the strength within.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. I dance with the wind.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. My giving nectar is for the taking Life’s growth.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. My path is one unpaved and undisturbed by footprints.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. A step upon my stem will not break the heart within.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. The sun is my light for growth.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. The rain is the nourishing element to my inner strength.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. Nothing can touch Harm to this wildflower.
~I’m a flower growing free and wild. By the sun and moon, I will live on, even in deathless death.


A thought has come to me in moments of contemplation, the thought of the wildflower. I have been thinking about myself and what I’d symbolically be lately. I always pictured myself wild and untamed, but that side is always hidden; the outside world, few, would describe me as wild. Wildflower is the word that came to mind, and in time, a mantra like poem (or lines of words) came to be. Above is the result. What specifically type of wildflower I’d be I do not know. Maybe a definite one is not necessary.

I only recently – in fact as I am writing this post – realized what a mantra is. I, on and off, on occasion wondered about the concept of a mantra and if one would ever truly fit into my life. Maybe I am not to use a mantra already in existence, but to create my own. Maybe the above lines are some examples of different mantras I can use to strengthen the intricate nuances of my inner self, so that it can be conceptualized and presented to the outer world. Maybe, just maybe, these mantras – or mantras in general – are ways to strengthen our inner gifts, ways to stay grounded (living in the present moment), and to help us to realize our full potential.

I never, consciously, considered myself ‘wild’ because I have always judged myself based on an external perspective. I have only very recently realized I have been judging myself on an external perspective, on how others appear to see me. So, in turn, I have been seeing myself the same way. Maybe that is why Wildflower came to me, to show even the most delicate of beings have strength and complexity that is more than the outer appearance shows. One doesn’t have to have an appearance of a lion to prove they have strength. A flower can be as resilient as a lion. Resilience is not of outer appearance specifically, resilience is a hidden strength that helps us adapt and evolve in our course of life; a strength and gift one cannot see with physical eyes.

The breeze brings a hint of warmth in the air, letting us know spring is near in the Northern Hemisphere. As the days go by, the sun slowly rises earlier and remains in the sky longer. As the days go by, the snow decreases and in time will cease and melt away. The spring rains and winds are now here, but they bring a hope of warm summer days with bloomed flowers of rainbow colors, lush green grass and flourishing limbs of leaves upon tall and small trees. Life will begin, and hibernation will end. Little babies will be born to grow into adults who will provide and nourish the land. The birds that sing in the trees tell the story of life and confirm this truth: spring is here. The Darkness has been defended and it has retreated. Now the Light of the Sun is upon us once more, and Hope has once again returned to the land. The cycle of death and decay has ended and birth and life has once again begun. The contemplation of winter is over, spring has begun, and with that a new plan of action. It is time for new beginnings, getting into the swing of things, and opening ourselves to opportunities for further development – spiritually and beyond.



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by Valerie Turpin

~When a quiet individual speaks, their voice is loud ~

The voice of the spirit is as loud as the whisper in the wind, breath upon the skin, and as delicate as a feather in the wind. The quiet voice speaks the truth within you. Let it speak through you, and let it be what it will be. There is no rhythm, rhyme, or reason. the voice of the spirit is felt rather than heard, and when it is heard it is through your own words or way of expression.
Speak those quiet words, in any form you wish; through art, verbally, in any way. Let it be and you will see what you are capable of.


My articles contain information I have received on my spiritual path, which I call, my path of life, sprinkled in with creative expressions.

Random teed-bits of information about ME: I am from Southwestern Arizona; I was born in 1990 and I am the second to the youngest of 5 children; I have a Bachelor degree in Social Work and I am currently pursing a Master’s in Social Work.

My interests: Poetry; creating art in multiple forms; history of civilization, diversity of cultures, history of art in multiple forms through the ages, world religions, and world power; Psychology and Sociology; Mysticism; Law & Order; writing (academically and creatively).

Enjoy! and Happy reading. <3

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