Poetry & Art


there’s no part of me

that fits anymore

within his

high ceiling

granite countertop

white picket fence



For my skin has become

too coarse with sand,

my hair

stands like the spines of a cactus,

my heart

gnaws with the hungry coyotes

my thoughts

swoops around the cliff swallows

my being

expanding with the endless sun;


my wilderness

can no longer be contained

with the confines

of his small soul.

by Dani Cowan

Both my life and my art revolves around the “Wild” – natural lighting, earthy hues, landscapes, and raw, meaningful moments.

My love for Geography and adventure brought me to photography, visual art, and writing, where I can seamlessly incorporate people, places, and their beauty.

I am a lover of the outdoors, a coffee fanatic, a Honda Element driver. I can be found wandering on cloud 9 through the aisles of farmer markers, mountain landscapes, and the beaches of south Florida. My obsessions are far and wide including manatees, running, DIY projects, and my 70-lb dog, Goober. When I'm not busy writing or creating acrylic landscapes, I am working towards my home-on-wheels, a 2007 soon-to-be-converted Dodge Sprinter.


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