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I want to be able to comfort you when you have bad days. I want to be able to cook you dinner and watch you love what you’re eating. I want to support you behind the scenes when you can’t see the fruit of your labor. To be that prayer warrior to cover you from the things seen and unseen. To show your family that you have a spine behind you holding you up and also you partner walking beside you in the hills and valleys. With all these things plus more, I can and will do for you.

And this is what I want from you: To protect me from the things seen and unseen. To comfort me when days are low and high. To never stop dating me even after you put a ring on it. To hug me so I can hear your heartbeat. To have the best first aid kit because this woman has a lot of wounds that need to fully heal. Understand that my health means so much to me including my mental. Know that I’ll have my moments when I doubt myself and my calling. Just grab my hand, dance with me, and whisper in my ear to remind me of who I am.

Until then my love, I have to fall so in love with myself that I will not have to deplete you to feed myself. I will be complete within God and myself so I will not have that “you complete me” mentality. That I will not entertain any man because I’m waiting for you. I’ll pray that God will continue to grow, build, and equip you for me.

Rest well tonight love, know that I’m waiting for you to find me. For he that finds a wife, finds a good thing. And I know I am your good thing.


Your wife

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by Syliece McBroom

I'm a writer in progress and I have my own blog that I've been using as a form of my virtual diary. I know that my life, my story, my journey can help many other people.


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