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Wrestling with my past
Treading lightly toward the future
Not wanting anyone to see
The scars from my sutures
Growing up for me was tough
Without a mom by my side
To tell me I was okay
And love me when I cried
I spent many nights alone
Wondering why this happened to me
I didn’t have a mom
My dad too was deceased
Being brave was my only option
To surviving the world outside
With no one to cultivate my esteem
And no safe place to hide
Still, I thrive

by Marla Bautista

Marla Bautista is an Army Wife and mother of three. She is the Published Author of My Thoughts Abandoned, released in 2017. As a Freelance Writer and Blogger, she has written for many publications including Military Spouse Magazine, Military Families Magazine, and Harness Magazine. Her passion is giving back to people in need. Marla is the Co-Founder of The Bautista Project, a custom décor and apparel company, which uses a percentage of their profits to provide for homeless communities. She has been featured on ABC50/WWTI Watertown as The Hometown Hero in March 2018. She was also named Armed Forces Insurance 2018 & 2019 Military Spouse of the Year Base Level Winner for Fort Drum.


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