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The usefulness of regression: Why should I regress into a previous life?

There are many reasons to want to remember an earlier life. For some people, it is simply fun and exciting to explore one or more past lives. It is then like “tourism” in the past: you dive into a lived experience, you find old talents and you try to recover some for use in your daily life to find your way. It is also a way of finding loved ones with whom one has lived in another life.

The other advantage of regression in a previous life is at a strictly therapeutic level. In this way, conflicts and emotional problems are, in most cases, quickly and effectively resolved, usually in far fewer sessions than with more conventional therapy. If, for example, you suffer from a psychosomatic problem, the symptoms may diminish or completely disappear by appealing to reminiscences of a previous life to find an end to it.But for anyone interested in their “past life”, past life reading analysis will be very useful.

The journey to another spiritual reality can also be educational. This trip gives you the opportunity to have a greater knowledge of your own soul, your past, your present and sometimes even your future. This will enable you to better achieve the goals of your present life or those of all your past lives, to better understand your relationships and the transpersonal aspects of your life.

And finally, the experience of regression can lead you to the indescribable feeling of being connected to all beings and give you a feeling of unity, bringing you closer to your spirituality. It is ultimately a profound experience that brings you a certain peace in life.

Almost all the pioneers, like Brian Weiss for example, were interested in this therapy by chance. Most of them were very reluctant and did not believe in past lives or reincarnation. Some were very skeptical about the results this therapy could bring to their clients, but they changed their mind over time when they saw that the method was bearing fruit. The evidence was in the drastic and rapid improvements in the condition of people who were undergoing regression therapy in age. Some of these people have been on conventional therapy for years, with little or no improvement. Even though most of these clients did not believe in past lives, they still felt great benefits.

In a research conducted from 1985 to 1992, Hazel Denning studied results on 1,000 subjects who had undergone regression therapy, where she measured the impact of this experience at two levels, a first time shortly after therapy and then a second time 5 years later. Of the 450 subjects she was able to recover after 5 years, 24% said that their symptoms had completely disappeared, 23% reported significant or significant progress and 17% a visible improvement.

What is the use for me of a regression in a previous life?

Obviously, not all problems have their cause in a previous life. Some problems need to be addressed by other therapies. Still, the therapy of past lives is used successfully in the cases listed below:

– Trends in disturbed and persistent behaviors, which have not evolved significantly with other forms of therapy
– Relationship problems
– Phobias
– Certain chronic physical diseases (asthma, allergies, headaches, inexplicable pain in the body, etc.)
– Negative emotions, including those that persist throughout a life (hatred against family members, lonely life, etc.)

It is not always necessary to have to regress into a previous traumatic life. Return to more “easy” past lives can be extremely rewarding for:

– Access Forces and Achievements of Past Lives
– Set goals in the present life
– To find people close in a previous life
– To access life in the afterlife and to an inner wisdom essential to give meaning to the present life.

Some case studies about past lives

I would like to give you various examples of past lives and the results that followed after therapy. However, keep in mind that these are just simple examples and that you would not necessarily have the same results if you went to see a therapist with the same problems as those mentioned below (each case being different). You can start your spiritual journey by using such simple signs; your natal chart, zodiac sign, etc.

The names of the persons concerned have been modified to preserve their privacy.

“Allergy to pollen, scratching eyes”.

David came one day to see me for a pollen allergy. Although I was not sure I could help him with this very specific pathology, he was willing and determined to try the experiment. In a previous life, David was a woman who, as a laborer, used plants and herbs to care for people in the village and help them overcome their pain. The era seemed remote, around the 15th century, a time when many people thought David was a witch.

But in the Middle Ages, witches were pursued in Europe by the Church and David did not escape. But the priest in the village where David lived could not bring concrete evidence of witchcraft, because David was very careful and took a lot of precautions. As a result, the priest sent men to rape David (who had a woman’s body) so that he could then be accused of adultery. This scheme worked, so that David was sentenced and his punishment was to have his eyes burned and burned. Following this punishment, he felt a deep injustice, amplified by the fact that he could not continue working, because, blinded, he could no longer see the plants and determine which were needed for treatment. This feeling of injustice gnawed at him until his death, all imprinted with frustration. In therapy, David was able to overcome the sorrow of that previous life, forgiving the priest and the men who had “raped” her. Today, two years after the sessions, David no longer has any pollen allergy.

“A phobia of explosions”.

Diana was 18 when she came to see me. Her concern was that she had been suffering from a strong fear of explosions or exploding balloons since birth. In fact, every sound of an explosion put her in a hysterical state, with tremors and crying so strong that she felt the need to hide in a closet. In therapy, she first explored her present life, going back to a situation where, while she was a baby, she was at a party, exposed to fireworks. This regression in age brought only very few changes, so we opted for a “trip” in a previous life. In it, Diana was a soldier at war who, torn by fear, decided to desert. As she was leaving the battlefield, she heard explosions and screams from other wounded or dying soldiers. However, back in her village, no one had welcomed, because everyone knew she had deserted and abandoned his companions in misfortune. As a result, she died of loneliness, without any self-esteem, and feeling very guilty for having abandoned other soldiers during the war.

Once these negative thoughts and feelings – in therapy – were eliminated, Diana no longer felt any fear of being surrounded by balloons or going to see fireworks, all the symptoms having disappeared.

“A feeling of injustice”.

Deborah was 45 years old and had been suffering from depression for several months. She did not want to live anymore and thought that her life was unfair. She returned to a previous life where people had judged her and sentenced her for a job poorly done. His terrible punishment had been drowned. The executioners had tied her hands and ankles, then threw her into a river locked in a bag. However, during her regression, she recognized the judge who had sentenced her, who was none other than her former boss in real life. His depression began when this former boss had dismissed her for no apparent reason. After working repeatedly on these issues, she became able to forgive and felt the urge to move forward again in life, with hope and good humor.

“Explore a previous life for pleasure”.

Annabelle was simply interested in experiencing a regression in a previous life. In a state of relaxation, she saw herself as a married woman waiting for the return of her husband in the 1940s. During this waiting, an officer came to announce the much feared death of her husband, who had submarine or boat it seems. After the session, Annabelle researched the family name she had in the previous life and the date of the accident, which resulted in a person who actually lived in Canada in the 1940s and whose description matched what she had seen in her regression. From this troubling experience she became convinced that she was truly an eternal soul. She also became certain that her brother, whom she feels very close to, was none other than her husband who had died accidentally in the previous life.

This is – it is worth noting – a rather exceptional case. It is indeed very rare to be able to find such precise details and can then go back to real characters. But that happens from time to time. If, in general, people do not find such concrete traces, it is because the purpose of the experiment is, above all else, to remember, to learn things about oneself, to heal, and not to obtain certainties about the existence of past lives.



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