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The Sexual Eclipse

Your body became my inspiration,
my shelter,
my hiding place.
I like to observe your eyes
brightening like the stars —
almost making me blind.
I like to observe your
cloud-colored smile,
moving from the west to the east of your mouth.
I like to observe the tone of your skin,
that late-afternoon blue,
between five and six o’clock.
I like to drown in your scent
that smells like rain
soaking me completely
and leaving its odor
for the rest of the day.

how I miss our body collision
“the sexual eclipse,”
I used to say.
“We belong together, baby,”
You used to say.

Yet, I believe in that.

even we are so far away from each other right now
We still live in the same galaxy
And nobody can take us apart.

there will be no
Sun shining in the morning
or Moon glowing in the night.

This is the balance of the universe.

-And I accept that.


Written by Larissa Lima
Illustrated by Maritza Jaramillo

by Larissa Lima

I like to write first-person essays about myself and my life while being an observer and a participant at the same time. Also whenever possible, I mention Astrology in my stories—I’m really into esoteric stuff. For me, creativity and spirituality are inherently connected.


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