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The Prism of Love

In this world, the hands are cracked and bloodied. The result of hard labor and sleepless nights.

The sun rises every morning to cast a light on the house, that was bought to increase dreams of the future.

The coffee pot is still beeping, even though it is full.

In this world, two people lay next to each other, with the two dogs laying at their feet. Their love having stood the tests of the time. No day easier than the last. One of them loving the other because love got them through. The other’s love built through sacrifice and understanding. No matter the way, the love eclipses many others because of its willingness to never stop growing.

The alarm clock rings through the air.

She rises before him, and she reaches for his tired hands. She holds them in hers and thinks to herself, how many more days will he labor them through? As if he could read her thought, he opens his eyes and says, “My hands always rest when I am with you and that is good enough.”

by Kristina Hopper

A complicated soul, who happens to write poetry

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