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The creation of warmth

Flora, the shades of warmth and welcome,
color our waxing nights with urges for comfort and homey –

Within waits elixirs, the tastes of cocoa well steamed, the spice of cider-ed ripe apples, held in long sleeves.

Near, lies the charring of wood,
as a flame dances in orange routine,
each move a yellowed red pirouette, entrancing.

Come in, within,
like bare trees biding warmly waiting fruit in the lull of crisp winds
clearing Summer’s hooray
to make a time for everything under a waning sun…

Living creates warmth bathed in nature’s rest.

by Kereen Lotus

Jamaican girl living in NYC, learning all things psychology. Lover of Anime, Manga and Christmas! I’m fiercely independent and eager to journey to my best self. Perpetually pensive and pouring myself into the art of poetry!

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