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Summer’s Kiss

There was always a parade

of picnics

And soul music

And posing by public pools

And knowing the electric slide


Fair street fights and foot races

ran parallel to

corner store hangouts

And block party hookups


We played Hopscotch in flip flops

And fell out of Philadelphian trees


And then I got too close

to that beautiful boy at the beach

In my favorite blue bikini

On the ruddy boardwalk

Above stacks of seaweed

and salt water taffy


We stood blushing

And face to face

our knobby knees sticking out

from under our second hand shorts

our summer kiss already floating

On a surface of air

At the center of the ocean


Becoming wishes

Waiting to be blown away


This is when I was red t-shirts

with no sleeves

On green bikes

With boys who used to be friends

watching us like new women

In those times when our summer days

faded into cold midnights


back when I was too young

to play hard to get


but not for the whispered words

of a first love




Author: Michelle Seabreeze
Email: [email protected]
Author Bio: I write poetry because it helps me translate the world.
I hope I’ve written something that is either comforting,
or unsettling, or both:
A Philadelphia, PA native, Michelle Seabreeze is a poet
who has written and performed original work
at the NY Fringe Festival, Inspired Word,
Busboys & Poets, Nuyorican Poets Cafe
and Brown University.
She resides in Los Angeles, CA.
Link to social media or website: http://www.michelleseabreeze.net

Main Photo by India Tupy on Unsplash



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