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Soul Sessions: Your Manifesto

You are magical in ways that can change the world. Did you forget my sweet soul? May I ever remind you of your magic. Fall in love with the woman you are and share all you know about that journey. You are not designed to experience life and success alone. Sharing is caring. Invest in yourself. It is necessary to become all of you. Did I mention you’re magical? I see you. You are worthy of everything you desire because you’re you. No other reason needed. Say no without explaining yourself, and with love. Say yes and let go of needing to know how and why. Love everyone. What someone else does is about them, not you. Feel your feelings. You’re human. You’re meant to feel them all. There is no such thing as good or bad. It’s our interpretation that causes us all the trouble. Be gentle with yourself. Please be gentle. It’s a life-changing skill. Did I mention you’re worthy? Cry. Your body is begging you to release. Don’t deny the request. You are meant to feel turned on and vibrant as a woman. By virtue of your biology you bring life into a room with you. Say yes to every invitation to be fun and sensual. Sex is part of a full life. Learn your body so you can orgasm like a wild woman. It’s your birthright. Your pussy is your life source. Honor her. She is so precious. Did I mention invest in yourself? You deserve to know yourself intimately. It’s your life’s work. You are always seen when you think you aren’t. There is a force and a life plan greater than your little brain can conceive. Trust. Stop trying to change the process. Let the process change you. Meditate and get quiet often. You’ll give clarity room to breathe. Move your body to process the emotion that gets stuck in your cells. You’ll always feel fear. Welcome to being human. If you continue to step into the ring, it will cease to control you and hold you back. Vulnerability is a superpower. Get really comfortable with it. When anything happens in life, ask, “What is my opportunity here?” Mediocrity is for the masses. You always have a choice. Make every decision with intention. Keep your side of the street clean. Dance like no-one is watching, when everyone is. Say yes to your magic.

by Sarah Moore

I believe every woman is special, and, oftentimes, our struggles aren't unique. As a Life Coach I have spent 11+ years coaching women at every level of an organization from Senior Executives to Emerging Leaders, from start-ups to global brands. My varied background in industries such as retail and oil and gas, and extensive years living abroad, all have one thing in common; every decision was born out of passion and purpose.

My job, as your Life Coach, is to help you become a more effective leader in every aspect of your life. With that in mind, the bottom line is, I'm coaching women to know what they want, have the courage to say it, and then pursue it. I want you to feel even more confident than you do now, to speak up in meetings and board rooms, with family and clients ,with ease, and to be seen as one heck of a leader.

Of course, I have struggled to express myself confidently, and sometimes still do. I was bullied, had trouble keeping friends, and grew up around alcoholism. These experiences were devastating and left my confidence in tatters. I looked so great on the outside, but inside I felt at odds with the woman I thought I was, and wanted to be.

Do you ever feel that the YOU inside and the YOU outside don’t match?

Every question I ask, every moment I'm listening, every request I have of you, is to help you become more than you are right now, not to make you something you're not. You are the expert on you, and I'm the expert in coaching techniques. The work starts with me being a leader in my own life which means I take radical responsibility and practice honesty in a way most people don't. There are many techniques to become more effective and nothing beats incredible intuition, speaking, leading and coaching thousands of women, and a deep desire to see that happen.

Here's to the journey of liberating our voices and spirits together.

With Love,
Sarah x


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