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no more apologies for withdrawing punctuation
from my existence
stagnation is no longer feasible, and no longer satisfies
i no longer acclimate, or accommodate
i evolve beyond expectations, i expand without limitations
experience is my mentor, not my cartographer
boundaries are erected only where i see fit
i unapologetically disregard the hurdles placed before me
and the feelings of those
who are determined to be insulted
by my audacity to live a life unfettered
i desire to inspire,
“set in her ways” no longer defines me
my only aspiration is to never allow myself
to remain stranded in the mindset that I’ve arrived,
that I found myself
i am no longer a destination, i am a progression
resistant to appease your codependency
on an extinct rendition, an outdated version
of who you thought I’d always be

by Winnow Poetry

I am the poet behind Winnow Poetry. Although I have been writing since the mid 1990s, I began putting my poetry out on social media under the name Winnow Poetry in 2019. Writing has always been the most effective form of therapy for me. In my writing I address growing up in an emotionally and verbally abusive family, relationships, depression, anxiety, and creating the best version of myself through trial and error.

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