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People get married

People get married

By Casey Navarro

People get married so that they can know who they are.

If they don’t then who will say what they’re good at?

Who will say what their flaws are?

Who will define their success?

Be the jury. Give the final verdict. 

People are addicts so that someone will listen. See them. Pay attention.

If they didn’t scrape the bottom, how else could they get up?

How else could they get stronger?

How else could they grow?

Taller. To inspire you.

People start families to fill the hole inside them.

If they didn’t how else would their ego live on?

Who else would blame them for their childhoods?

Who else would teach them? Pure love.

And prove it’s the little things. Little ones.

Big purpose.

People are alone so they can meet themselves.

Who else could show them around their own soul?

If they didn’t run from intimacy, how could they know all the different ways to numb?

If they didn’t save themselves, how else could they realize they didn’t need saving?

How could they make waves without tears?

How could they drown without dying?

And forgive themselves for all of it.

People make art for themselves.

If they didn’t how could we heal from their stories?

How could we see ourselves without a mirror?

How could we escape our tragedy without theirs?

Trading misery for a single moment.



People lie to protect us.

If they didn’t how could we cope?

How could we get through a single day?

How else could we learn that nothing comes free?

The truth shall set you back even after you’ve come so far.

I forget you. You’ll never forgive me.

by Casey Navarro

Casey Navarro is a seasoned stand-up, sketch comedy, and improv performer based in Los Angeles. Hailing from Beavercreek, OH, Navarro lived in Chicago for the last 8 years where she trained with Second City and iO Chicago. Navarro has toured with Second City for the last five years and just finished premiering her first full length play that she wrote and directed as part of the Artist in Residency Series at Saint Mary's College. She also just completed a stand up tour in Europe through London, Paris, and Amsterdam and spent 4 months at sea performing comedy on NCL’s Breakaway. In addition to her work as a performer, Casey is a freelance comedy writer for the card game, Utter Nonsense: An Inappropriate Accent Game. You might also catch her on TV in a Big Lots and Ally Bank Commercial. Follow her on instagram @caseysbits.


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