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Not Like Other Girls

We’ve all heard it before. Whether it was from the Manic Pixie Dream Girl in another John Green novel or from one of those anonymous “Typical White Girl” Twitter accounts. We’ve all probably been guilty of using this sentiment as well. I have.

The thing is: when did it become so wrong to “be like other girls”? Why has the simple act of being our gender pushed us against a wall and thrown us into a pigeonhole? When the edgy girl with a guitar slung on her shoulder says, “I’m not like OTHER girls,” what does she really mean?

When did the word “girl” become synomous with catty, gossipy, high-maintenance, mean, crazy, etc.? All those sterotypes that we’ve proven again and again we are not. Because that’s not how humans work. We are not easily categorized. We are complex beings, good and bad. As human beings, sometimes we are all those bad things and sometimes we are much worse. Imperfect, and also everything. We’re all tired of fighting off the assumptions of our genders.

It’s okay to be like other girls. Ambitious. Excited. Brave. Intelligent. Bold. This isn’t a political statement. This is just an idea I’d want my future daughter to know. Don’t be afraid to be like other girls. There is no right answer and there is no one type. Don’t try to constantly validate your choices to other people and don’t fight your own teammates. Rewrite the synonyms.


not like other girls


Author: Olivia Adkins
Email: [email protected]
Author Bio: 21-year-old creator, writer, wonderer, student, avid shoe-wearer.
Link to social media or website: http://livunapologetically.com


by Olivia Adkins

23-year-old creator, writer, wonderer, student, avid shoe-wearer.


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