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Mental Health: Do I Need Help?

I think there comes a point in everyone’s life where they ask themselves if they should go and see a mental health professional. How do you know it’s time? What is it like? What about insurance? Who do I choose? Let’s break all of those questions down piece by piece.

I’ve seen a variety of mental health professionals and I’ve never felt a stigma talking about it. I thank my undergraduate degree in Psychology for desensitizing me to the stigma that is associated with having mental health issues.

No one knows if it’s really time to see someone, but a good bench marker is if it is impairing your everyday life – even slightly. I don’t encourage waiting until that point. I think we should be proactive about mental health instead of reactive. It’s beneficial to talk to someone who is a third party and outside your world. They can give advice and listen; plus, everything you say stays in that room – the fear of gossip is eliminated. You wouldn’t believe how cathartic it is to say your thoughts out loud to another person. So if you are asking me when the right time is.. the time is now. I don’t really care where you are in your life. We all have struggles unique to us. Why should you keep all of those thoughts and emotions concerning your struggles to yourself?

The process is so simple. You don’t need to come with an agenda. You don’t need to be nervous. You just simply arrive and sit on someones couch. Maybe the first session you ask how it works or maybe you chat about a current problem. It is totally FLEXIBLE – that’s what makes it beautiful.

Insurance always seems to be a setback for people. All you need to do is call and ask if your insurance is accepted. They can tell you right away and costs! Most provider’s websites tell you what insurance they accept as well – so it’s simple. Some don’t accept insurance at all and you can pay out of pocket. It really is up to you.

When you decide to choose your mental health professional, I encourage you to see more than one person and see who you vibe best with. If you don’t gel well – your therapy sessions are going to feel forced. I remember seeing a young lady who was nice – but I just didn’t think she understood me. So I saw someone else the next day and we clicked instantly. I would also make sure it works with your schedule. Many places offer online counseling now, if you are looking for a resource you can check out BetterHelp. Also, some mental health professionals will do phone sessions – don’t be afraid to ask.

I promise you this is something needed in our ever busy lives. Stress can be a detriment to our mental health. We can push and push ourselves without knowing the consequences until it is too late. I highly encourage you to get on a routine now.


*Betterhelp was kind enough to sponsor this post on mental health. For more information, see this article: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/general/i-need-someone-to-talk-to-about-my-problems-but-where-do-i-turn/ 

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