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June Tarot Reading: Justice

Justice and Compassionate Ecology 

Justice stirs reflections on ideas of balance, right and wrong and relationship. For these reasons, Justice is often associated with the sign of Libra in the zodiac.

When we think of relationship, it is how we interact with something.  We usually think of family and friends, but relationship is not always with a person.  It can be to a place, a thing, or an idea; it can be how we relate to ourselves.  We are actively in relationship to so much around us, all of the time.

This month’s message is about our relationship to the whole.  It is about our sense of responsibility, and even sense of right and wrong action, as it contributes to the bigger picture.  The grander scheme.  The earth and all life forms together as we co-create our world.

Compassionate Ecology

Ecology is “the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.”  Thank you, dictionary.

What we’re talking about in regards to Justice this month, is the personal relationship we have to all life on our planet.  How do we rely on all of the physical moving parts of our earth; the plants, the animals, other humans?  In what areas are we in conscious interaction and relationship with them and where are we in unconscious modes (habits, etc?)

Are we feeling into the heart of the earth and listening to what she has to say?  Or drowning out her voice with meaningless noise?

Compassionate ecology is taking our part in the web of life with awareness, love and understanding. We can ask ourselves where in our lives are we part of the problem and where are we part of the solution?  It’s important to note that we are never all good or all bad, there is always a balance, and that that is where justice lives: within the natural balance of light and dark. She is the scales. She is not one thing without the other.  So we may be kicking ass at one thing and needing to look deeper into another.  Such is life.

This message is not to stir guilt or shame. We should try to extend compassion to ourselves as we go forward. We are human.  We are flawed. We are perfect in that we are flawed.  It’s all very confusing and all very clear at once.  The scales are in motion.

This message is very much about the realistic and physical ways we can start to help our planet achieve more harmony and homeostasis, beginning at home and with ourselves.

It is our utmost of callings right now.  There is nothing more important than tending to our earth.  Our inner earth, the slow moving, quiet part that is unshakable and strong as a mountain.  And our planet, who is fearless, capable, giving, supporting all of life.

What role do I play? What power do I have in this ecology?

“You don’t live in a vacuum.” My mom said this to me the other day and I’ve really been contemplating this ecology thing lately, so it made sense.  We can become so isolated in our individual realities that we start to detach from how we effect others and the world around us. For me, it had become somewhat of a defense mechanism, trying not to be drawn into the often sinister vortex that the world can appear to be. I built myself a cozy but confining Tower as a form of protection.

But I’m not Rapunzel and my actions, grand, small or seemingly indifferent are effecting those who I am in relationship with.  What we do in life leaves signatures on everything.  Even not doing something is doing something.  I am coming into a deeper understanding of how the responsibility we take for our own thoughts and our own actions, like neon beads of rainfall caught in a spider’s thread, can electrify the entire web.

We can often feel powerless, either giving into the fear mongering of the media and retreating into hopelessness or non-action, or feeling like we are only a tiny drop of water in the vast ocean.  The deeper truth is that the ocean exists in a single drop.  Our power, as we awaken into awareness, is growing exponentially with each small step we take towards the light.

Here are some ways in which we have power to consider:

*disclaimer: the below examples are of my own personal journey and I am not trying to create or stir guilt or shame around any of these topics.  This is just what I have been thinking through and questioning myself.  It’s my gut instinct to share with you.  There is no judgement here. You do what you want. I am by no means a perfect human.  Please advise. 

How we spend our money:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this one this month.  I’m not a wildly frequent Starbucks consumer, but I do partake. Every time I go there, they give me a plastic straw in a plastic cup.  We all know how much plastic sucks by now, and when I’m really present with it, it’s hard for me to hold this cup anymore and feel really good about it.  I could either save my money, not fill the ocean with more plastic and brew my coffee from home or support my local coffee shop, allowing more money to circulate in my community and not contributing to corporate hoopla.

This money one is deep, because it is what controls our government and reigns supreme.  If we want to take back the power, it really is most effective in how we and where we spend our dollar.  Don’t spend money at places that don’t line up with your code of honor!  And do spend it at places that do.

What we put into our body:

We see countless shows about animals suffering so that we can eat them.  Not to mention the water and earth resources that goes into raising animals for slaughter.  How do we justify our eating habits?  Eating is so closely tied to our emotions.  What are we looking for in food?  Or is it more of unconscious habits and programming; we feel sad, we go for the sweets.  We feel stressed, we go for the meat. Not that meat or chocolate or sweets are bad in and of themselves, but again it’s the ecology.  Where does the food come from?  Who profits when we buy it?  What happens in our bodies when we eat it?  Does the sufferingoutweigh the reward?  These are legitimate questions that ask for our awakened and aware answers right now.

How and to what we devote our focus:

As I type this, my cell phone pings a notification.  Our focus is one of our most valuable superpowers. A magic teacher, Jason Louve, says, where we direct our attention is what we worship.  So am I worshiping the internet?  Maybe.  Is that the best use of my superpower? Definitely not.

Our focus dictates what information is coming in to our nervous system. If I’m too plugged in, it’s honestly just too much information that my mind feels like a ticking time bomb.  It is what is giving us increased anxiety on a biological level.  As much as we have thought of ourselves as advanced, we are still animal and we are still creature. We have basic needs. We need quiet for the mind to relax. We need natural sunlight to thrive and deep darkness to sleep.  We need to be reminded that although our technology moves at lightening speed, earth still moves slow. She is present and she beckons us to pay attention to her. All of our technology; all of this, is nothing without her.

How we talk, what we talk about:

Our speech can be an extension of where we place our focus. It reflects our inner landscape and thoughts.  Right Speech is one of the eight folds in the path in Buddhist teaching. Speech and articulation is also a dominant theme in the Gemini archetype. We have power to choose how we speak and what we speak of.

Elenor Rosevelt said famously:

“Great minds discuss ideas.

Average minds discuss events.

Small minds discuss people.” – Elenor Rossevelt

We can choose to talk bad about, tear down, ridicule.  This goes from talking about political figures, celebrities, people on social media, your friend, whatever.  Or we can choose to use our speech to uplift people and discuss ideas, art and heartfelt topics.  The magical term ABRACADABRA itself means, “as I speak, so I create.”  What are we talking and speaking into reality?

Justice this month is asking a lot of us.  But, we are ready to listen.  Let’s take a look at our contribution to the balance of our ecosystems.  What are we doing in our day to day and what is the impact it has on the earth.  How do we justify our habits or our robotic actions?  Can we take small steps to take better care of ourselves, our planet, and each other?  Can we look compassionately, as if we were holding an innocent child at the whole thing?

Sarah McAllister is a tarot card reader in San Diego, California.  Visit her website www.spiritcelltarot.com to book an online reading or to hire a tarot reader for your next event.  You can also follow along on instagram @spirit.cell for more info.


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