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Intolerant to Bullshit

The older you get, the more intolerant you become to bullshit. Not that you necessarily lose compassion or hold negative feelings about people and situations that have that aspect; you just start to realize you don’t care. You lose interest in what people think and project onto you. Things become more clear, necessary shifts happen. And the sooner you accept that life doesn’t always work out the way you expect it to, the sooner you will find yourself flowing effortlessly with what life presents to you and takes away from you. There’s not a lot in life that you can control except for your reaction, your energy, and your attitude—which, depending on your outlook, can be more than enough.

by Lumina Adams

I write to process, to heal, to move through life with a little bit of grace, to stop living in my head, to find power in vulnerability - thankfully with editing tools, unlike real life.

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