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I’d Rather Marry Myself.

I’ve never been the type of girl who had dreams of growing up and finding some man to take care of me, because I’ve been taking care of myself for years. This age of reality tv and social media has got everybody having dreams of settling down to become somebody’s basketball wife, but where’s the fun in that?

In my experience, only man children think that part of being a man is taking care of his wife and making her dreams come true.

Well guess what?

I’m magic.

I make my own dreams come true.

I don’t even need a man, for anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything.

I been a boss.

As a woman raised by her mother, she always taught us never to depend on a man.

I can’t stand guys who try to flaunt and flex like they got it when I’m not even the kind of girl who can be bought. I’m used to not having much. I was used to everyone around me having more than me, but my mother taught us never to be envious, and I never was. I just used the pain for the energy, and now I work hard enough to be able to buy my own shit and I take a a lot of pride in that.

So don’t ever think you’re doing me any favors, don’t ever try to control me, and don’t ever try to hang anything over my head.

I’ll even be offended if you ever try to check me, because my ducks are always in a row.

So check yourself.

I keep thinking to myself that I’ll probably never even marry, because marriage has nothing to do with love. It’s just a commitment and most people are afraid to make a commitment, even to themselves. If I ever do marry, I probably won’t even take a man’s last name, I would want to keep the name that I work hard so hard to live up to everyday.

And if I were to accept any hand in marriage, I’d probably want a prenup since every man I’ve ever encountered just wanted to feel like they could give me something that I couldn’t give myself.

The sad reality is that most everything any man-child ever tried to do to take care of me involved fraudulent activity, stolen goods and groceries, and I could live without any of that, okay?



by Anissa Ward

Hi, I'm Anissa Lachelle!

I'm a blogger from Jersey.

I starting taking writing seriously about a year ago, when I realized that I had a lot to say about a lot of things. I decided to start telling the story of my journey through healing, and the struggles that come with trying to become someone larger than life.

I blog about real life, and I strive to stay true and authentic to my experiences as I share them with the world. I like coffee shops, yoga and good books. I enjoy introspection and deep conversation in good company. I aspire to be someone inspiring and relatable; a voice for those who haven't yet found theirs.

Something like poetry, but not quite.

Reminisce with me.


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