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How To Reverse Signs Of Aging With Red Light Therapy

Do you want to boost collagen? Improve skin complexion? Heal acne and depression? Reverse wrinkles and sun damage? Decrease inflammation?

Allow me to introduce you to my ultimate beauty secret: Red Light Therapy.

Ladies, this is THE beauty secret. A non-invasive, therapeutic beauty treatment that has completely transformed my skin.

So, What exactly is Red Light Therapy?

It’s basically a tanning bed or a face lamp (depending on where you go) with red lights (infrared red light bulbs) instead of white light (UVA rays) that circulate and boost collagen in your skin.

It’s also actual therapy… super relaxing, not as hot as tanning, does not tan your skin and does not burn wrinkles into your face.

Quite the opposite actually, it reduces wrinkles and inflammation by increasing the circulation in your skin.

The craziest part is Red Light Therapy was originally used by NASA to grow plants in space, once proven to be effective, it was used on humans in space to speed up the healing process. That’s when they discovered it light therapy needs to be a thing and that this little red light hit the market.

Fast forward a few years later and I guarantee your local salon or spa carries a red light facial lamp or red light therapy bed, today.

So, How did I find this? My tanning salon!

(pours martini for story)

I walk in, normal day, just grabbing a quick spray tan and, I see this huge banner making all these crazy promises.

Act One, Scene Three: The banner was captivating… “glowing skin, supermodel face, reverse wrinkles, heal scars, and that boy you were depressed about? Gone…” Okay, maybe I made that last part up but, you see what I’m saying; it basically promised to solve all of my problems.

So, I’m like, ” Okay? Will she take my soul as payment? Like, What is red light?…”  Then, (as if she could hear my thoughts) the owner falls out of the shelf… appearing out of absolutely nowhere…

I’d love to laugh with you but, in all honesty, everyone makes the same face when they read this banner. I now know this because, I promote it when I’m at my tanning salon. I’m basically their unpaid promoter and I too, creepily appear behind customers to provide unsolicited advice.

Every time someone looks over at the banner, I come out of the shadows like… “It works.”

And they’re like, “Wtf? Where do you even come from?!”

So, trust me, I get it. I get that you’re skeptical. Everyone is.

Everyone, everyone, I mean, absolutely, everyone… is skeptical of trying this at first. But once you try it, you’re stuck wondering why no one has heard of it. (hashtag sharing is caring people).

But okay, anyways, back to story, so… the owner comes out of no where and is like, “No, it really works, its so relaxing and, I’ve already noticed a difference around my eyes.”

Needless to say, I buy the most expensive package and the rest is history.

Personally, it’s like changed my life and I look amazing. I’d like to say I’m kidding but I’m not, I’m out here living my best life right now.

How? Red Light Therapy is giving me a glow, improved mood and, never aging look so, go try it!

But, before you go… the most commonly asked questions drop now.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?: It’s a 15 minute bed or face lamp every time you go. For four weeks, you’ll go three to five times a week. After a month, you’ll gradually reduce the number of sessions as you heal and begin to look like a baby again. All newborn jokes aside, you will start to see major improvements in your skin almost immediately. For the next six weeks, go two to three times. From there, you go once or twice a week to maintain it.

Soooo, the first thing that probably jumps out at you is “15 minutes.” I know. I thought that, too. I’m like, there’s no way I can lay down in a bed after work for 15 mins. Like, me, caffeinated? I can’t handle it. BUT. I’m here to tell you, this is the closest thing to a time machine. I swear! 15 minutes feels like three minutes.

Anyways, red light therapy is SUPER RELAXING. If I’m having a bad day, I have to go Red Light. I not only look better, I FEEL better.

It. IS. amazing.

Probably one of the best kept beauty secrets out there, and you should call your local salon or spa and try it.

Amazing skin? Improved mood? Reduced inflammation? Relaxing? A MUST TRY in my beauty book, boo.

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