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Find Someone Who Wants To Run With You, Not Tame You

You’re a wild beauty, energetically changing those around you and impacting the world in extraordinary ways.

Then a man comes along; one who is uncertain, not just of you but unknowingly himself too. He meets you with trepidation, meekly stretches out his palm as if to meet you halfway but instead pulling you closer into him; into his world.

Your wild scares him. It intimidates him. But instead of letting you be free in all your exceptional qualities, he moves closer with judgment and impending pain.

He breaks you. Bit by bit, he tears the beauty from something so pure. He tamed what was never meant to be his to tame: all to his likings; all to his standards.

He was a monster. The kind you read about. Claiming to know what’s best, becoming an unwanted master of things never meant to be mastered.

And while you pick up the pieces of yourself left to be found, you realize his inability to run with you meant he was never for you.

At that moment you realize you deserve someone that moves with you; not behind you but beside you. Someone who marvels in all your glory instead of shying away. Someone that sees your wild and can admire and dare to be a part of it all.

You’re a whirlwind of beauty, grace, adventure, and unknown. You keep people guessing, always on their toes, while creating a space the feels like home.

Find someone that will run alongside you, not someone who tries to tame you.

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by Kirstie Taylor

I love diving deep into the nuances of human emotions. I write about mental health, relationships, my personal travel stories about living around the world, and self-alignment.

I love to help, though I myself am figuring it all out as I go. Every word I type is like a breath of fresh air.


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