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Deep Waters

I have waded in shallow waters my entire life,
protected by its calm,
afraid to take a step out into the deep
where the unknown waited with open arms.
The vast ocean looked too scary;
I didn’t know what lied in the abyss.
I think I was more afraid of
what hid beneath the surface.
Still, I always wondered what could be;
I desired to discover what it was about.
But my feet sunk into the sands of fear
and prevented me from finding out.
It’s as if, though, that God heard my stirring;
He was listening to my thoughts.
Because, suddenly, the tide receded
and in its massive pull I was caught.
The water lifted me and carried me
out into the open wide.
Fear rose up inside of me;
there was no place for me to hide.
I could no longer feel the sand beneath me
nor could I grasp on to hold anything.
The force of nature of which I was afraid
relentlessly sucked me in.
I struggled to keep my head above water,
fought to keep afloat.
Yet, during all the chaos,
up ahead I noticed a tiny boat.
As the waves continued crashing on me,
the boat seemed to easily glide through.
The closer it crept toward me,
I realized it was someone I knew.
I’ve seen Him in my thoughts;
He has talked to me in my dreams.
He extended His hand once the boat reached me
and said, “Child, this storm is not what it seems.”
He effortlessly lifted me out
of the treacherous waters that wanted to drown me.
He then held up His hands and closed His eyes,
and everything was as calm as can be.
I stared at Him in amazement
because the ocean stopped at His command.
My heart no longer banged in my chest
for I knew I was safe with this Man.
His Presence brought me comfort
for my life was in His hands.
As I soaked in His beautiful light,
I began to understand.
The shallow waters were safe,
but it wasn’t where I was meant to stay.
I had to take a step in faith,
and let this Man lead the way.
Life doesn’t happen in the shallow
nor does it happen on shore.
It’s in the deep waters that we grow
and find out we’re meant for more.
But the thing we must remember
is that we can’t do it on our own.
The Man will always be in the boat with us,
so we will never be alone.



by Ellen Andaya

I am the Daughter of a King. Mother to an awesome kid. Lover of Freddie Mercury and Queen, books, writing, poetry, dogs, french fries, potato chips, and Diet Pepsi.

Writing has been my love and my vice. Poetry has been my therapy.


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