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Crush An Anxiety Attack in 5 Minutes

Although anxiety may seem inevitable, we can certainly maintain it. Here is a quick five minute ritual to help collect your thoughts and get your breathing under control. This has helped me in times of chaos with limited resources.

  1. Find a quiet place with low light. Turn your phone on silent and put it away out of your sight.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing— breathe in for 4 seconds hold it for 7 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds.
  3. Put your hand on your abdomen, feel your belly filling up with air and emptying when you exhale.
  4. Tell yourself that this moment will not last and everything will go back to normal shortly.
  5. Say out loud: “This wave will pass, I will breathe again.”

Repeat for five minutes.

I hope this exercise helps you during a panic/anxiety attack or even before an exam or presentation. It is even helpful if you include it in your daily routine to manage your breathing.

Keep calm and breathe on!

by Nicole Desantis

Nicole is a full time working mother who runs Our Robins Nest (http://ourrobinsnest.net), a platform to educate, support and raise awareness around modern day motherhood. Nicole helps create a lifestyle for moms who 'just don't have the time'. She shares easy recipes, simple DIY's and affordable styles. She is an advocate for maternal mental health which is reflected in her work as well.


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